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Sunday, November 11th

4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Workshop Registration Desk Open

6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Icebreaker

5:00 p.m. Poster Display

P1 Blended Global High Resolution Sea Surface Forcing Parameters for Numerical Ocean Modeling; Huai-Min Zhang, Richard W. Reynolds, Lei Shi, & John J. Bates

P2 Overview of the Operational Marine Forecast and Warning Products at the Ocean Prediction Center and the National Hurricane Center; Christopher Burr, Hugh Cobb, Mark Willis, Martin C. Nelson, Robert Berg, David Feit, Scott Prosise, and David Mills

P3 Corrupted Quickscat Data and Resultant Erroneous Wave Watch III Output. Robert Burke &Patrick Caldwell

P4 Prototyping Fine-Resolution Operational Wave Forecasts for the Northwest Atlantic. Will Perrie, Bash Toulany, Peter Smith & Yongcun Hu

P5 Breaking of Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Waves in Deep Water. Alexander Babanin, Dmitry Chalikov, Ian R. Young & Ivan Savelyev

P6 Estimation of Plunging Surf Spectra from Remotely Measured Infrasound. Joseph Park, Milton Garces & David Fee

P7 Interannual Variability & Predictability of Summertime Significant Wave Heights in the Western North Pacific. Wataru Sasaki & Toshiyuki Hibiya

P8 Nonlinear Unidirectional & Directional Spectra in Currituck Sound Time Series. Al R. Osborne

P9 High Accuracy Ocean Surface Winds from SAR Imagery. Will Perrie & Hui Shen

P10 Spectral Density Composite for Aiding Hawaiian Southern Shore Surf Forecasts. Patrick Caldwell

P11 Effect of Wind Resolution on Spectral Wave Modeling in the Hawaii Region. Justin Stopa, Demont Hansen & Kwok Fai Cheung

P12 Wind Sea & Swell Delineation for Numerical Wave Modeling. Barbara Tracy, Eve Marie Devaliere, Troy Nicolini, Hendrik Tolman & Jeffrey L. Hanson

P13 Future Exploitation of In-Situ Wave Measurements at Station Mike. Margaret Yelland, K. Bjorheim, C. Gommenginger, R.W. Pascall & B.I. Moat

P14 Assessing Extreme Storm Intensity by Combining Storm Power with Surge; Heidi P. Moritz & Hans R. Moritz

P15 Pacific Land Ocean Typhoon (PILOT) Update. C. Pollock, S. Boc, A. Garcia, M. Merrifield, A-C Pequignet, J. Becker, J. Aucan, O. Vetter, T. Hilmer, K-F. Cheung, J. Goo, P. Quiroga & Y. Wu

P16 A Study of Ocean Waves at Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria Harbour. David B. Fissel, Jianhua Jiang & Dave Billenness

P17 Spectral Wave Modeling of Swell Transformations in Indigenous Marshallese Navigation; J. Genz, J. Aucan, B. Finney, M. Merrifield

P18 Deployment of an RDCP600 to Measure Directional Wave Spectra in Open and Marginal Ice Zones;Oceana Francis-Chythlook & David Atkinson

P19 Wind Waves Numerical Simulation : Hurricane Dean Case Study; J. Antonio Salinas, Roberto Padilla-Hernandez & Fernando Oropeza

P20 US Army Corps of Engineers Wave and Current Data Collection Activities in the Hawaiian Islands:2005 – 2007; Jessica Podoski, Thomas Smith, Kent Hathaway & Stanley Boc

Monday, November 12th

8:00 a.m. Welcome and Hawaiian Blessing

Session A: Coastal Waves I Chair: Al Osborne

8:20 a.m. A1. Four Wave Resonance Interactions in the Shallow Water Boussinesq Equations; Miguel Onorato, Al Osborne, Donald Resio & Peter Janssen

8:40 a.m. A2. Modeling Nonlinear Random Wave Propagation Over Cohesive Sediments; James M. Kaihatu, Alexandru Sheremet & Steve Su

9:00 a.m. A3. Coupled Wave and Sediment Dynamics on Atchafalaya Shelf, Louisiana, US; Alexandru Sheremet, S. Jaramillo & M. A. Allison

9:20 a.m. A4. Bottom Friction in Nearshore Wave Models; Jane McKee Smith & Alison Sleath Grzegorzewski

9:40 a.m. A5. Wave Transformation Modeling with Bottom Friction Applied to Southeast Oahu Reefs; Mary A. Cialone & Jane M. Smith

10:00 a.m. BREAK

Session B: Coastal Waves II Chair: Tom Smith

10:15 a.m. B1. Hindcasting of Waves and Wave Loads on Dutch Wadden Sea Defenses; Ap van Dongeren, Jacco Groeneweg, Gerbrant van Vledder & Andre van der Westhuijsen

10:35 a.m. B2. Sea Surface Elevation Maps Obtained with a Nautical X-Band Radar – Examples from WaMoS II Stations; Katrin Hessner & Konstanze Reichert

10:55 a.m. B3. Operational Implementation of a Multi-Grid Wave Forecasting System; Arun Chawla, Degui Cao, Vera Gerald Todd Spindler & Hendrik Tolman

11:15 a.m. B4. Components of Storm-Induced Water Level Along the Coastal Margin and Related Effects on the Nearshore Wave Environment. Hans R. Moritz & Heidi P. Moritz

11:35 a.m. B5. Occurrence of Coinciding High Surf and Tides Along the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii; Patrick Caldwell, Jerome P. Aucan & Christopher P. Kontoes

11:55 p.m. LUNCH

Session C: Wave Dissipation Chair: Peter Janssen

1:25 p.m. C1. Spectral Dissipation Term for Wave Forecast Models, Experimental Study; Alexander Babanin and Ian Young

1:45 p.m. C2. Implementation of New Experimental Input/Dissipation Terms for Modeling Spectral Evolution of Wind Waves; Alexander Babanin, Kakha Tsagareli, Ian Young & David Walker

2:05 p.m. C3. The Performance of the WAM4.5 Based on a Revised Formulation of the Whitecapping Dissipation and on Limiting the Drag Coefficient in Hurricane Type Wind Forcing; Roop Lalbeharry & Serge Desjardins

2:25 p.m. C4. Dissipation due to Wave Breaking; V.E. Zakharov, F. Dias, A.I. Dyachenko & A. O. Prokofiev

2:45 p.m. BREAK

Session D: MORPHOS Chair: Robert Jensen

3:00 p.m. D1. Methodology and Results for Nearshore Wave Simulation in a Coupled Hydrodynamic and Wave Model System to Evaluate Storm Surge in Coastal Louisiana; Christopher Bender & Jane McKee Smith

3:20 p.m. D2. Realtime Wave and Surge Modeling with High Resolution Atmospheric Model Coupling; Patrick Welsh

3:40 p.m. D3. Evaluation of Wave Model Performance in a North Carolina Test Bed; Eve-Marie Devaliere, Jeff Hanson & Rick Leuttich

4:00 p.m. D4. MORPHOS: Advancing Coastal Process Research and Modeling; Jeffrey L. Hanson, Donald T. Resio & Rob Wallace

4:20 p.m. D5. Modeling Hurricane Impacts on Beaches, Dunes & Barrier Islands; Dano Roelvink, Ad Reniers, Ap van Dongeren, Jaap van Thiel de Vries, Jamie Lescinski & Dirk-Jan Walstra

4:40 p.m. D6. Nearshore Sediment Entrainment Under Breaking Waves; Bradley D. Johnson

Tuesday, November 13th

Session E: Climate Change Chair: David Levinson

8:00 a.m. E1. The MSC Beaufort Sea Wind and Wave Reanalysis; V.R. Swail, V.J. Cardone, M. Ferguson, D.J. Gummer & A.T. Cox

8:20 a.m. E2. A High-Resolution Hindcast Study for the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea & the Barents Sea; Magnar Reistad, Oyvind Breivik & Hilde Haakenstad

8:40 a.m. E3. Characteristics of Wind Wave Periods, Lenghts and Steepness from Vos Data Over the Global World Ocean and in the Offshore Regions; Sergey Gulev & Vika Grigorieva

9:00 a.m. E4. Dynamical Versus Statistical Downscaling Approaches for Projecting Ocean Wave Heights; Xiaolan L. Wang & Val R. Swail

9:20 a.m. E5. Wind, Wave and Storm Surge Hindcasts & Scenarios and Related Coastal & Offshore Applications: The CoastDat Data Set at the GKSS Institute for Coastal Research; Ralf Weisse, Ulrich Callies, Heinz Gunther, Hans von Storch, Frauke Feser, Katja Woth, Iris Grabemann & Andreas Pluess

9:40 a.m. BREAK

Session F: Improved Physics / Measurements for Prediction Chair: George Forristal

9:55 a.m. F1. The Back Effect of Breaking Waves on Adverse Currents; Chris Garrett

10:15 a.m. F2. Experimental Justification of Weakly Turbulent Nature of Growing Wind Seas; S.I. Badulin,A.V. Babanin, D. Resio, V.E. Zakharov

10:35 a.m. F3. The High-Frequency Range of Wind Wave Spectra and Implications for Wave Breaking; Donald T. Resio & Charles E. Long

10:55 a.m. F4. Coupling Alongshore Variations in Wave Energy to Beach Morphologic Change Using the SWAN Wave Model at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA; Jodi Eshleman, Patrick L. Barnard, Li H. Erikson & Daniel M. Hanes

11:15 a.m. F5. Hurricane Wave and Surge Computations: Deficiencies & Research Needs; Joannes Westerink, J. Smith, V. Cardone, A. Cox, D. Resio, R. Jensen, T. Wamsley & B. Ebersole

11:35 a.m. LUNCH

Session G: Wave Prediction – Tropical Chair: Vince Cardone

1:05 p.m. G1. North Atlantic Wind Waves of 2005 Hurricane Season – Prediction vs. Observation; Hendrik L. Tolman & Yung Y. Chao

1:25 p.m. G2. To Blend of Not To Blend: In the Pursuit of Finding an Operational Way to Give Hurricane Characteristics to the CMC Forecast Wind Field; S. Desjardins, R. Lalbeharry, H. Ritchie, & A. Macafee - Presentation

1:45 p.m. G3. Comparing Hindcasts with Wave Measurements from Hurricane Lili, Ivan, Katrina & Rita; George Z. Forristall

2:05 p.m. G4. Forecast Error Analysis During Hurricane Katrina Using the NOPP Real-Time Prediction System for Tropical Cyclones; Hans C. Graber, Andrew Cox, Robert E. Jensen, Don Slinn, Scott Hagan, Robert Weaver, Neil Williams, Geoffrey Samules & Vincent Cardone

2:25 p.m. BREAK

Session H: Model Verificatons Chair: Val Swail

3:00 p.m. H1. Inter-Comparison of Operational Wave Forecasting Systems; Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Jian-Guo Li, Paul Wittmann, Manon Fauchon, Hsuan Chen, Jean-Michel Lefevre, Thomas Bruns, Diana Greenslade, Fabrice Ardhuin, Nadao Kohno, Sanwook Park & Marta Gomez

3:20 p.m. H2. Development of Spatial Inter-Comparison Within the Operational Wave Forecast Verification Exchange; Adrian Hines, Jean-Michel Lefevre & Dave Poulter

3:40 p.m. H3. Using Altimeter Data to Validate & Develop Wave Models; Hendrik Tolman

4:00 p.m. H4. Validation & Application of Jason-1 and Envisat Significant Wave Heights; Tom Durrant and Diana Greenslade

4:20 p.m. H5. Updates to WAM CY 4.5+; Robert E. Jensen, H. Gunther & P. Janssen

4:40 p.m. H6. Consensus Forecasts of Integrated Wave Parameters; Tom Durrant &Frank Woodcock and Diana Greenslade

Wednesday, November 14th

Session I: Estimation of Coastal Hazards I Chair: Jessica Podoski

8:00 a.m. I1. Hindcasting Winds, Waves & Storm Surge for Hurricane Katrina; Joannes Westerink

8:20 a.m. I2. Hindcasting Winds, Waves & Storm Surge for Hurricane Rita; Casey Dietrich, J. Smith, J. Westerink, J. Atkinson, S. Bunya, R. Jensen, V. Cardone, A. Cox, H. Westerink, R. Luettich & C. Dawson

8:40 a.m. I3. Representation of Vegetation on the Wind Boundary Layer and Surface Bottom Friction; John Atkinson

9:00 a.m. I4. High Performance Computing to Resolve Propagation and Advection Dominated Multi-Scale Multi-Process Physics; Clint Dawson, E. Kubatko & J. Westerink

9:20 a.m. I5. The Influence of Barrier Islands and Lower Plaquemines Parish Mississippi River Levees on Waves and Storm Surge in Southern Louisiana; Wiebe de Jong & Hugh Roberts

9:40 a.m. BREAK

Session J: Estimation of Coastal Hazards II Chair: Darryl Hatheway

9:55 a.m. J1. Comparison of Emperical Methods and a Boussinesq-Type Wave Model for Predicting Overtopping of Coastal Structures; Patrick J. Lynett, Don Resio & Mathijs van Ledden

10:15 a.m. J2. Louisiana Chenier Plain Regional Hydrodynamic, Salinity & Hydrologic Numerical Models; Ehab Meselhe, Robert Miller & Jeanne Arceneaux

10:35 a.m. J3. Influence of Wetland Degradation on Surge; Ty Wamsley, John Atkinson, Mary A. Cialone, Alison S. Grzegorzewski, Kendra Dresback, Randy Kolar, Joannes Westerink

10:55 a.m. J4. Probabilistic Design Method of Levee and Floodwall Heights for the Hurricane Protection System in the New Orleans Area; Mathijs van Ledden, Pat Lynett, Don Resio & Nancy Powell

11:15 a.m. J5. Implications of the Spectral Shape of Wave Conditions for Engineering Design & Coastal
Hazard Assessment – Evidence from the English Channel
; Andrew Bradbury, Travis Mason, Tim Poate & Tamzin Palmer

11:35 a.m. LUNCH

Session K: Estimation of Coastal Hazards III Chair: Dr. H. Das

1:05 p.m. K1. Performance of the JPM and EST Methods in Storm Surge Studies; David Divoky & Don Resio

1:25 p.m. K2. Hurricane Surge Classification for Risk Assessment Along the Gulf of Mexico Coastline; Jennifer L. Irish & Donald T. Resio

1:45 p.m. K3. The Evaluation of Storm Surge Hazard in Coastal Mississippi & Louisiana; Alan Niedoroda, D. Resio, D. Divoky, R. Lowe, L. Charles, H. Das & C. Reed

2:05 p.m. K4. Time Dependent Wave Setup During Hurricanes on the Mississippi Coast; Don Slinn, A.W. Niedoroda, R.G. Dean, H. Das, R. Weaver, C. Reed & J. Smith

2:25 p.m. K5. Approaches for the Efficient Probabilistic Calculation of Surge Hazard; Gabriel Toro

2:45 p.m. BREAK

Session L: Climate Variation & Coastal Hazards Chair: John J. Marra

3:00 p.m. L1. Is There a Discernible Anthropogenic Impact on Atlantic Hurricane Activity; Thomas R. Knutson

3:20 p.m. L2. Extra-Tropical Cyclones in a Warming Climate: Observational Evidence of Trends in Frequencies and Intensities in the North Pacific, North Atlantic & Great Lakes Regions; David Levinson & Peter Bromirski

3:40 p.m. L3. Extreme Still Water Levels; Sofia Caires, Ferdinand Diermanse, Douwe Dillingh & Reimer de Graaff

4:00 p.m. L4. An Overview of Different Methods for Assessing Historical Hurricane Frequency and Potential Risk for the Gulf of Mexico Coast; David Levinson, Trevor Wallis & Mike Squires

4:20 p.m. L5. The Modern Predictability of the 1966 Big Venice Flood; Luigi Cavaleri, Luciana Bertotti & Roberto Buizza

6:00 p.m. RECEPTION

6:45 p.m. LUAU

Thursday, November 15th

Session M: Tropical Meteorology Chair: Mark Powell

8:00 a.m. M1. Tropical Cyclone Atmospheric Forcing for Ocean Response Models: Approaches & Issues; Vincent Cardone & Andrew Cox

8:20 a.m. M2. Specification of Tropical Cyclone Parameters from Aircraft Reconnaissance; Andrew Cox & Vincent Cardone

8:40 a.m. M3. CBLAST Program of Coupled High Resolution Hurricane Models; Shuyi Chen

9:00 a.m. M4. Realistic Simulations of Intense Hurricanes with the NCEP/NCAR WRF Modeling System; Chris Davis & Greg Holland

9:20 a.m. M5. New Findings on Hurricane Intensity, Wind Field Extent & Surface Drag Coefficient Behavior; Mark Powell

9:40 a.m. M6. Uncertainty in Population Properties of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones; Peter Vickery

10:00 a.m. BREAK

Session N: Extreme Waves Chair: Miguel Onorato

10:15 a.m. N1. The “Voyager” Storm in the Mediterranean Sea; Luigi Cavaleri & Luciana Bertotti

10:35 a.m. N2. Are “Unexpected” Waves as Important as Rogue Waves? Johannes Gemmrich & Chris Garrett

10:55 a.m. N3. Extension of the ECMWF Freak Wave Warning System to 2 Dimensional Propagation; Peter Janssen, Nobuhito Mori & Miguel Onorato

11:15 a.m. N4. Freak Wave Prediction from Spectra; Nobuhito Mori, Peter Janssen & Miguel Onorato

11:35 a.m. N5. Modeling Rogue Waves in Fully Directional Sea States; Al Osborne

11:55 a.m. N6. Evolution of Random Directional Wave and Rogue Wave Occurrence; Takuji Waseda & Takeshi Kinoshita

12:15 p.m. N7. Freak Waves as a Result of Modulational Instability; Vladimir Zakharov & A. Dyachenko


Friday, November 16th

Session O: Island Inundation Chair: Stan Boc

8:00 a.m. O1. Predicting Wave Conditions in a Coral Embayment from Offshore Directional Spectral Model Input; Ron Hoeke & Curt Storlazzi

8:20 a.m. O2. Phase-Resolving Simulation of Wave Evolution Over a Shallow Reef; Patrick Lynett

8:40 a.m. O3. Waves and Water Level Collected During the Pacific Island Land Ocean Typhoon Experiment; Mark Merrifield, A-C Pequignet, J. Becker, J. Aucan, O. Vetter, T. Hilmer, S. Boc, C. Pollock, K.-F. Cheung, J. Goo, P. Quiroga & Y. Wu

9:00 a.m. O4. Wave Energy Budget for Pacific Island Nearshore Environments; Anne-Christine Pequignet, Janet M. Becker & Mark A. Merrifield

9:20 a.m. O5. Combined Wind and Waves Over a Reef; Alejandro Sanchez, Jane Smith, Zeki Demirbilek & Stan Boc

9:40 a.m. BREAK

Session Q: Wave Model Applications for Coastal Hazards Chair: Alex Sheremet

9:55 a.m. Q1. Estimation of Probable Maximum Wave Height in the Sea Areas around Japan Based on Simulations of Typhoon and Depression (Storm) Generated Waves; Masataka Yamaguchi, Hirokazu Nonaka & Yoshio Hatada

10:15 a.m. Q2. Diagnosing the Large Swell Event Associated with the Extratropical Transition of Hurricane Florence (2006); Mark C. Willis

10:35 a.m. Q3. The Improvement of JMA Operational Wave Models; Toshiharu Tauchi

10:55 a.m. Q4. The 2007 Release of WAVEWATCH; Hendrik Tolman

11:15 a.m. Q5. Numerical Aspects and Source Term Analysis of Wave Modeling in a Tidal Inlet; Gerbrant van Vledder, Jacco Groeneweg, Andre van der Westhuijsen & Ap van Dongeren

11:35 a.m. BREAK (Setup for Working Lunch)

Working Lunch – Box Lunches Provided

Session R: Model Improvements Chair: Jeff Hanson

12:05 p.m R1. Numerical Investigations for the Applicability of SRIAM Method as a New Non-Linear Energy Transfer Function; Hitoshi Tamura, Takuji Waseda, Yasumasa Miyazawa & Kousei Komatsu

12:25 p.m. R2. A Two-Scale Approximation for Nonlinear Energy Transfers in Observed Wave Spectra; Will Perrie & Donald Resio

12:45 p.m. R3. Operationalisation of the TSA Method for the Computation of Non-Linear Four-Wave Interactions in Third-Generation Wave Models; Gerbrant van Vledder

13:05 p.m. Closing Remarks / Closing Ceremony

Withdrawn Presentations

Upstream Non-Oscillatory Advention Schemes Suitable for Ocean Wave Models; Jian-Guo Li

Verification of Ocean Wave Ensemble Forecast at NCEP; Degui Cao, H.S. Chen and Hendrik Tolman