9th Waves Workshop Program

Sunday, September 24

Poster Display

Monday, September 25

Session A: Wave Hindcasts
Session B: Extreme Storm Seas
Session C: Extreme Storm Seas – Tropical

Discussion Session – Extreme Storm Seas

Tuesday, September 26

Session D: Wave Climate Trend and Variability
Session E: Wave Climate Trend and Variability II
Session F: Wave Climate for Design
Discussion Session – Wave Climate Change and Variability and Design Criteria

Wednesday, September 27

Session G: Wave Modelling
Session H: Wave Modelling II
Session I: Shallow Water Wave Modelling
Discussion Session – Wave Modelling

Thursday, September 28

Session J: Nearshore and Coastal Waves
Session K: Nearshore and Coastal Waves II

Friday, September 29

Session L: Forecast Models