3rd International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges, and Coastal Hazards
17th International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting

Sunday October 1

Monday October 2

Session AA: Social Science

Session B: Coastal Risk 1

Session BB: Wave Measurement 1

Session C: Coastal Risk 2

Session CC: Wave Measurement 2

Session D: Boulder Dynamcs

Session DD: Great Lakes

Tuesday October 3

Session E: Storm Surge Forecasting 1

Session EE: Wave Theory 1

Session F: Coastal Waves

Session FF: Forcing in Wave Models

Session G: Coastal Forecasting

Session GG: Wave Model

Session H: Wave-Ice Interaction

Session HH: Hindcasts and Reanalysis

Wednesday October 4

Session I: Tsunami and Meteo-tsunami

Session II: Wave Forecasting 1

Session J: Storm Surge Modelling 1

Session JJ: Wave Forecasting 2

Session K: Extreme Water Levels

Session KK: Wave Forecasting 3

Session L: Air-sea Interaction

Session LL: Compound Flooding

Thursday October 5

Session M: Storm Surge Forecasting 2

Session MM: Wave Theory 2

Session N: Wave Climate Change

Session NN: Storm Surge Modelling 2

Session O: Wind and Wave Climate

Session OO: Case Study

Session Q: Coastal Modelling

Session QQ: Hindcasting and Trend

Friday October 6

Session RR: Coastal Impacts and Resilience

Session SS: Coastal Climate Change

Saturday October 7

Session P: Posters - sessions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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