13th International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting & 4th Coastal Hazard Symposium

Sunday October 27

Session P: Poster Display

Monday October 28

Session A: Wave Measurement - In Situ

Session B: Wave Measurement - Remote Sensing

Session C: Forecasting Dangerous Sea States

Discussion: Forecasting Dangerous Sea States

Tuesday October 29

Session D: Advances in Storm Surge Modelling

Session E: Coastal Impacts and Inundation

Session F: Risk

Session G: Design

Wednesday October 30

Session H: Operational Wave Forecasting

Session I: Operational Wave and Storm Surge Forecasting

Session J: Wave Modelling - Wave-wave Interactions

Session K: Wave Modelling - Nearshore

Thursday October 31

Session L: Wave-Current Interactions

Session M: Wave Climate Trend and Variability

Session N: Wave Hindcasts

Session O: Storm Surge Climate and Projections

Friday November 1

Session Q: Ocean Wave Climate Projections - COWCLIP

Session R: Ocean Wave Climate Projections

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